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Snarla was a feminist punk zine by Miranda July and Johanna Fateman.

Snarla was published in the 1990s in California, and later Oregon, U.S.A. Six issues were released.

Johanna Fateman, in her introduction to the anthology The Riot Grrrl Collection (reprinted in Papermag), writes about the creation of Snarla, " Miranda July and I, best friends from high school, made a short zine called Snarla in Love during winter break back in Berkeley, and gave it to girls at a show at 924 Gilman, the local all-ages punk club.

I think at that time we had never seen a riot grrrl zine -- that is, one that identified itself with the movement -- and so Snarla, in the beginning (the zine became a six-issue collaboration) reacted to the zines, mostly by boys, that we did know about. It was punk-by-association and in style, but Miranda and I were determined to present our own content distinct from what we viewed as standard zine fodder. In the place of scene reports, records reviews, and travel diaries, we asserted a more abstract world of memory and self-reflection, filtered through our new, unforgiving feminist analyses. We'd soon learn, though, as we came into contact with the confessional writing associated with riot grrrl, that we weren't alone in our introspective approach."

Johanna went on to do several other xines, including ArtaudMania and My Need To Speak on the Subject of Jackson Pollock. Miranda went on to create the film zine Joanie4Jackie.

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