PCC Helldwellers

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PCC Helldwellers

PCC Helldwellers is a zine by Adam Seraphic of San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

PCC Helldwellers, an offshoot of PCC and Peyote Bulverde (a zine that mocked the UTSA literary magazine), appeared in the 1980's, and was loosely affiliated with UTSA. The zine includes letters to the editor, gossip, reviews of zines such as Too Far, Spew 2, Austin Duck Weed, and A Hammering Vanity, Baboon Dooley comics by John Crawford, a question and answer session with Myrna von Nimitz, Being a Punk in Prison by Bonnie Hagan, and a feature article and interview with underground filmmaker Joe Christ, director of Communion in Room 410, and presenter of "Bigger Than God" club nights in Dallas, Texas.

Contributors to the zine were Arainn, Nicholas Wren, Ryan Reavis, Chtuff de Cuisine, Johnny Miller, Paul Thomas/Paul Victorian, John Crawford, Paul Weinman, David Riley, Bonnie Hagan, Sebastian Wren, Mark Camann and Dulce Benavides.

Adam Seraphic also co-edited the zine Lushbaby.