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Oblivious Nation is a zine created by Miss Oblivious.

Emerging in 1999 after the demise of her previous title, Cunt Fear, Oblivious Nation focuses on art, music and, as Miss Oblivious refers to them, "insecure social scenes". Miss Oblivious says her zine is about "...documenting my life, my mishaps and my emotions". As well, she includes her favorite bands and people that are a part of that life, such as Dame Darcy, Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes, Butt Trumpet, Keith Morris, Ginger Coyote and many others. Each cover features a friend of Miss Oblivious' who she feels deserves to be on the cover of a magazine at least once in their lifetime. As of 2006, twenty-three issues have been published and the zine is still on-going.

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