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Dame Darcy (real name Darcy Megan Stanger) is best known for her comic book Meatcake, which is now published through Fantagraphics.

She was born in Idaho and attended the San Francisco Art Institute, where she majored in film and studied animation under Larry Jordan. She began self-publishing Meatcake during her freshman year. She also freelanced illustration and cartoon work for various Bay Area magazines, newspapers, and zines, and made regular appearances in Rollerderby as a contributor and subject. Like that of Edward Gorey, her artwork often plays with various Victorian motifs.

She is also clothing designer, and was a guest on the television show Blind Date. As well, Dame Darcy is a musician, and frequently tours with her band Death By Doll, for which she sings and plays guitar. The group, which also includes zine editor Aaron Detroit, has released one album, entitled Gasoline.

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