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Nicole Introvert is a zinester from Richmond, VA. Nicole was first introduced to zines through her love of the East Bay California punk scene and, specifically, being a fan of the music played by Aaron Cometbus. She first got an issue of Aaron's zine Cometbus in 1996 at a music store in the Georgetown area of Washington D.C., and the love affair with independent publishing grew from there.

Nicole began her perzine, Introvert, in 1997. In 2005, she participated in the Zinester Podcasts project. She is an active organizer for the annual Richmond Zine Fest. Nicole ran the Richmond Zine Fest distro as a fundraising project for the 2007 RZF.

In August of 2008 Nicole began her own distro project called Click Clack Distro. Click Clack exists to put independent press into the hands of readers and to help people gain volume to their voice by providing zine distribution service. Click Clack is committed to carry zines dealing with topics ranging among the personal, political, DIY, How-To, skill sharing, mental health, and other health topics, as well as anything else that may fit into alternative living and ideas. Click Clack began its foundation from a strong desire to keep zines and independent publishing alive.

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