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Introvert #4

Introvert is a personal zine written by a girl named Nicole from Richmond, Virginia.

Nicole started the zine in 1997 at the age of 16. This was a form of therapy for her through her transition between sophomore and junior years of high school. The content is usually that of discussing inner turmoil and relationships both with the self and with others. Introvert went on a long hiatus, but Nicole began to publish again in 2005 and is now again regularly involved with zines.

Six issues of Introvert have been created since it's birth. Currently issues 4 thru 6 remain in print.

Issue six of Introvert was published February 2009 dealing with the death of Nicole's 4 month old nephew to SIDS.

Introvert is available through the zine distro Nicole runs, Click Clack Distro.

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