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Mike BS is a zine editor, writer and musician from N. Y. C., NY, U.S.A.

Mike BS began his zine Bullshit Monthly in the 1980's. It was a hardcore punk zine, the first issue appearing in 1984.

By the 1990's twenty-four issues had been published. Along the way, the tag-line, "Proud to be gay owned and operated" had been added to the masthead and Mike was happy to announce that despite the homophobia in the NY hardcore scene, sales of his zine had not gone down. Mike, along with his band Go!, was interviewed in 1990 for Holy Titclamps issue six about such issues, among other topics.

At the same time, Mike was the singer for hardcore punk band Go! The band frequently played at ABC No Rio in New York. Mike was responsible for the creation of the music scene at ABC No Rio, which he instigated in 1989. He was interviewed for the ABC No Rio 15th Anniversary Issue of Jersey Beat zine.

During the 1990's Mike BS was a regular columnist for Maximum Rock 'N' Roll.

In 2006, Go! reformed, touring and recording a new full-length release. In 2007 they disbanded again. In 2009 and 2010, the band played reunion shows at ABC No Rio and other venues.



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