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Bullshit Monthly was a punk zine from New York, NY, U.S.A., edited by Mike BS.

The first issue appeared in 1984. Bullshit Monthly covered the New York City hardcore scene, particularly the bands centered around CBGB's (1984-1989) and later ABC No Rio (1989-1990), a New York City music venue and community center. By the 1990's 24 issues had been released and the editor was happy to note that he had not charged more than fifty cents for any of those issues. Later issues included the byline "Proud to be gay owned and operated" and Mike was also happy that, despite the apparent homophobia in the New York hardcore punk scene, he had not sold any less issues than he had before the notice was introduced.

Mike BS wrote occasional columns on the New York Hardcore scene for Maximum Rock 'N' Roll in the 1980's and was a regular columnist for part of the early 1990's.

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