Leopold McGinnis

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Leopold McGinnis (b. 2 October 1977) is an independent Canadian author, publisher and member of the literary protest group the Underground Literary Alliance. Leopold is the current and founding editor of the online zine Red Fez Publications, and the real-world Underground Uprising Press.

McGinnis' writing is marked by its unusual or quirky topics and understated plotlines. For example, his novella, The Red Fez (ISBN 0973853514), follows a brassiere wearing, mustachio-wax obsessed criminal in his attempts to secure a valuable artifact from thousands of crates of grapefruit. His novel, Game Quest (ISBN 0973853506), examines the hostile takeover of a company that pioneered a now-defunct computer gaming genre. Leopold's work is not infrequently political and often blends fantastical elements with the mundane.