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Red Fez Publications is the literary e-zine founded and run by independent author Leopold McGinnis. Founded in March 2003, Red Fez Publications has concentrated on publishing and promoting non-mainstream, but accessible work by underground and under-recognized artists. Red Fez is divided into a unique, searchable database style and includes the curious Poem Dervish feature. It is updated quarterly.

Red Fez Authors

Red Fez authors include:

Barboza, Robert Bell, Miles J Berriozabal, Luis Blair, Damien Chakravarthy, Dr. T. Ashok Chase, Joshua Cicero, Noah Crouch, Jeffery English, Erin Faucett, John Ferguson, Jesse Finch, J.D. Golds, Stephen J. Hamilton, Damion Hoekstra, Joan Lea, Nicholas Jeff Lemire Lesser, Josef Lopez Jr, Richard Major, Chris Martin, David May, Lori A. McCarthy, Jennifer McKay, K. L. McGinnis, David Leopold McGinnis Nelson, J. D. Niyogi, Ashok O'Sullivan, Colin Pietrzykowski, Marc Russel, Brady Schwartz, G. David Schwartzman, Victor Simpson, Rita Sparenberg, David Strongin, Lynn Sunstrum, Louisa Sweet, John Taylor, Rob Valery, Édwidge (aka. Arisen Phoenix) Van den engh, Jeffery van Noord, Joel Veeramaneni, Giridhar Watkins, Clifford K. Wheeler, Steve

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