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Issue 1 1985
Cover art by Jeff Gaither

Infinitum was a science fiction and fantasy zine edited by William H. Doyle of Spring, Texas, U.S.A.

Two issues were produced: #1, released Summer/Fall 1985, and #2 in 1986.

The first issue contained fiction and nonfiction by F.M. Busby (Cry of the Nameless), John Michael Buss, William H. Doyle, Colleen Drippe, Marshall Epperson, Janet Fox (Scavenger's Newsletter), Edward Lodi, Darrell Schweitzer, Deloris Q. Twaddle, Bobby G. Warner, and Wayne Rile Williams, and poetry by Larry Baukin and Scott E. Green. Cover art was by Jeff Gaither. Interior illustrations came from Lari Davidson (Potboiler), William H. Doyle, Steven Fox, Dave Garcia, Jim Garrison, David Heath Jr., John Howard, Allen Koszowski, William Rotsler, and Reza Zamani.

The second issue published prose by John Michael Buss, Dan Crawford, William H. Doyle, Colleen Drippe, Ardath Mayhar, Michael Nicholas Richard, Darrell Schweitzer, David L. Travis, Bobby G. Warner, and Wayne Rile Williams, and poetry by Bruce Boston, William H. Doyle, H.R. Felgenhauer, and Dean Allen Schreck. The cover art was uncredited, but Doyle, Brad Foster, Jim Garrison, Eugene Gryniewicz, David Heath Jr., George Kochell, Allen Koszowski, MunroC, and William Rotsler provided interior illustrations.