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Grotesque was a science fiction and fantasy fanzine by Allan C. Leverentz.

Grotesque was published in Buffalo, New York, U.S.A. in the 1950s. It was a mimeographed fanzine, the first issue released in October 1952. The second issue appeared in November 1952.

Art work was contributed by Charles Momberger (Ghuvna). Contributors of writing to the second issue included Robert Bloch and Marion Zimmer.

W. Paul Ganley, writing of the 1950s when he was publishing Fan-Fare, says of Al Leverentz, "I had previously met Al Leverentz, who was a semester ahead of me in high school, and lived a few blocks away in our town, North Tonawanda, NY; met him in the cafeteria line in high school, actually. We were both interested in writing, publishing, editing anything science fiction, fantasy, or horror (he was especially into horror and H.P. Lovecraft). I used some of his stories in those early issues—I thought they were great then, and I still think so...I don’t recall how we learned about the Buffalo Fantasy League. But we did, and we both traveled to Pearl Place in Buffalo, where Ken Krueger lived, for the meetings, probably beginning some time in 1950…maybe even the first few months."

Also in 1952, Allan Leverentz and W. Paul Ganley joined with Robert Briney to form SSR Publications, which published George T. Wetzel's Lovecraft Collectors Library, and Shanadu, as well as 100 copies of "Blaque, a novel by Allan Leverentz and W. Paul Ganley (as Toby Duane), with illustrations by Don Duke.

Allan Leverentz's writing also appeared in the first issue of Weirdbook, published by Ganley in 1968.