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Greasespot Zine is a personal zine started in 2005 by Justin and Lauren.


Greasespot has been published by Lauren and Justin out of Texas since 2005. The editors say, "The stories and illustrations are our way of trying to capture triumphs in our daily lives, or reconcile our ideals with reality. Greasespot #4 also includes contributions from friends of ours who share the same interests.

Greasespot #4 is available from arcade distro and parcell press.

Previous Issues

Greasespot #3

"Concrete Jungle" :Winter 2006 (Austin) Justin and Lauren move to Austin and attempt being platonic roommates. Includes, "SLC Drunk," an interview with artist Mike Bukowski, and writing about hurricanes Rita and Katrina, which affected the area they live in. Half size, black and white, cardstock cover, 48 pages. Out of print.

Cover of Greasespot #2 (2005)

Greasespot #2

"...Straight from the Belly of the Beast" : Winter 2005 (Houston/ San Marcos) Justin leaves for college, Lauren enters adulthood and takes on full- time work. Includes, "Ghost Hunt," an interview with garage-punk band The Murdocks, collages, "Breakdown," and more. Half size, black and white, card stock cover, 24 pages. Out of print.

Greasespot #1

Summer 2005 (Houston) Justin and Lauren's first 'zine ever- written by the couple in the months before they graduate high school. Articles include, "How I Became Student Body President," "How to Make Mushroom Tea," and more. Half size, black and white, cardstock cover, 48 pages. Out of print.

Greasespot #1-3 are now out of print and are being reprinted as Monsters In Our Heavens: The First Greasespot Anthology.

Greasespot is one of nine zines included in the Austin, Texas compzine Capitol City 'Zine Compilation, which was published in 2007 by Justin and Lauren. The Capitol City Zine Compilation has a 2- color silk- screened cover, 48 pages, half size. $5

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