Capitol City 'Zine Compilation

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Capitol City 'Zine Compilation is a compzine of Austin, Texas zines published by Justin and Lauren in March 2007.

The zine is 48 pages, and is photocopied. Its 5.5" x 8.5" and features a two color silkscreened cover. It is ad-free.

The compilation features mostly unpublished work by the nine editors of the zines Greasespot, Blurt!, World Salad, Tightrope Laboratory, Suprise Autopsy, Option Paralysis, Clip Tart, Home Made Boat and Snakepit.

100 copies were made of Capital City 'Zine Compilation. About 50 copies were sold immediately after being printed at the release party at Monkeywrench books, the other 50 sold in record stores around Austin and sent out to various other zines for review. The Capitol City 'Zine Compilation is now distributed through the new and improved Arcade Distro.