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A native of St. Paul, MN, Erik Farseth started publishing zines in 1988.

He was part of the editorial collective behind the anti-war newspapers Free Association and We The Students. From 1992 - 2002, he was the publisher of J. Cruelty Catalog (a "quirky" zine devoted to music and culture), and Paper Scissors Clocks (an art zine printed on newsprint). Copies of The J. Cruelty Catalog were featured in the "Alt.Youth.Media" exhibit at the New Museum of Contemporary Art (NYC). Farseth is best known for his striking collage art, and for his first-person interviews with artists, musicians, and political activists.

Farseth was an active member of the Twin Cities zine community, and he participated in both the Dreamhaven Zine Reading and the Minneapolis leg of the Kill Zinesters Tour. In the year 2000, he published a 250 page zinebook called Wipe Away My Eyes. He was a founding member of the Stevens Square Center for the Arts, and the principal organizer of the first and second annual Twin Cities Zine Fest (now in its fourth year).

Farseth currently lives in Minneapolis, where he works as a freelance writer and reporter.



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