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Issue 20 1972

Descant was a science fiction fandom fanzine by Norm Clarke and Georgina Ellis Clarke.

Descant spanned three decades and two provinces during the years it was published. It was first published in May 1959 in Aylmer, Quebec, Canada, where two more issues were also released. Issues 4-13 were released between February 1961 and February 1965. The editors then moved to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where nineteen further issues were released. Issues. 20 to 22 were published between November 1972and August 1973.I

Early issues were distributed by the Fantasy Amateur Press Association.

In a letter to Vegas Fandom Weekly, Issue 100, Robert Lichman, editor of Trap Door, responds to Arnie Katz's article in the previous issue (Issue 99) about the greatest fanzines published with his own additions to the list, one of which is - "Descant, the *other* fanzine of Norm & Gina Clarke, which saw two dozen issues to Hongue's five. Lots of great writing by both of them. Need I say more?"

Norm Clark and Georgina Clark also published Honque and co-edited Queebshots with Boyd Raeburn.