Deirdree Prudence

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Deirdree Prudence can be found kissing her beloved, Steven Hughes Purkey, behind the red velvet curtain that enshrouds MC Sunflower Jones. The dynamic duo have been deemed "Best Creative Team" by many in the zine community, as she has put a spell on all of them with her zines & wand alike. A dark witch with a smile that'd melt the blackest of cats, her heart is pure pink & she likes her zines that way as well. She likes to drink soda pop & smoke as she creates all day long, spending all her time on zines, zines, & more zines. Never being able to sleep properly on their bed for all the zine-making supplies messing it all up day/night in & day/night out, she & Steven have come to sleep sideways with the pillows so as not to mess up her everlasting creative projects. Deirdree Prudence hails from the LBC where she lives with Steven Steven Steven & they hope to get her a four-legged familiar soon. One of these days.


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