Billie Joe Armstrong

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Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead singer/guitarist of the band Green Day.

Green day's history, and Armstrong's history as well, have been meshed with an involvement with zines since the beginning of their career. Green Day got their start on the California label Lookout! Records, run by prominent punk zine writer for Maximum Rock N Roll, Larry Livermore.

Armstrong's side project bands have included Pinhead Gunpowder with zinester Aaron Cometbus, and The Network. Aside from musical collaborations with Aaron Cometbus, he's also contributed to his zine Cometbus, and, as well, has been a contributor to Robert Eggplant's zine Absolutely Zippo. Armstrong was suspended from Pinole Valley High School for selling an issue of Zippo that had "Legalize Crack" written on the cover. Armstrong occasionally played guitar with Eggplant's band Blatz, and Eggplant contributed background vocals to a Green Day song.