Yellow Submarine

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Yellow Submarine was a science fiction fanzine by André-François Ruaud.

Yellow Submarine, ther review of the literature of the imagination, is published in France. It is the oldest science fiction and fantasy fanzine published in that country. It was founded in March 1983 by Ruaud, originally as a free weekly for six issues, then a monthy newssheet for 6 issues, and then a fanzine for 85 issues. then a small press literary magazine, before becoming an annual book review for 6 volumes. In 2008, Yellow Submarine began being published by The Electric Sheep publishing company, and the editorship was turned over to Nicolas Lozzi in 2009.

The fanzine features articles, criticism, essays, reports, and fiction.

Contributors have included Anne Adam, Bruno B. Border, Stephen Brust, Fabrice Colin, Raphael Colson, Nicolas Cluzeau, Olivier Davenne, Thomas Day, Hilary Evans, Christine Fox, Neil Gaiman, Paul Harland, Andrew Hedgecock, Irwin Hirsh (Thyme), Gary Kilworth, Serge Lehman, Jonas Lenn, John Lomberg, Bridget McKenna, PJG Mergey, Edward Page Mitchell, Michael Moorcock (A Fanzine Called Eustace, Typo), Harry Morgan, Marie-Pierre Najman, Kim Newman, Elisabeth Piotelat, Jean-Jacques Régnier, Michaela Roessner, Martha Souku, Brian Stapleford, Francis Valery, Dominique Warfa, Andrew Weiner, Patrick Terri Windling, and Paul Witcover.

Also featured are interviews with Jrome Black, Molly Brown, David Calvo, Charles de Lint, Brian Froud, Johan Heliot, Stephen Lawhead, Philippe Ros, and Iain Sinclair.

Artwork was by Vincent Froissart, and Patrick Larme, among others.

Issue 127, published March 1998, was a split zine with Manticora. The 134th issue was published in 2004.