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Snakepit is a comic zine by Ben Snakepit, with a three-panel comic about each day of his life.

Snakepit has similarlarities to Jim's Journal, which used to be in The Onion: Ben has referenced Jim's Journal in interviews as one of his favourite comics.

Contributors have included Janelle Hessig of Tales Of Blarg zine, and Aaron Cometbus, editor of Cometbus. A number of issues of Snakepit were released as split zines with publications such as Clutch, Gullible, Amazing Adult Fantasy and Tight Pants.

The zine is put out as a quarterly, and Ben has also produced one-year anthologies. A book version, also called Snakepit, was published in 2004 by Gorsky Press. With a forward by Aaron Cometbus, it features three years' worth of Ben's comic life. In 2007 a second book was released by Young American Comics, entitled My Life In A Jugular Vein: The Second Snakepit Book.