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Realms, 2013

Realms is a zine published by Ecstasy Editions in 2013.

Featuring crude collage, abstracted drawings and weirdo stuff by Tommi Musturi (Kuti, Chojin Club), Mads Kolding, Gwendoline Desnoyers, Paul Bonnet, Julien Laugier, Matt Fleyd, Benedikt Ruger, Stephane Prigent, Leon Sadler, Yannick Val Gesto, E*rock, Massimiliano Bomba, Rasmus Emanuel Svensson, Kikifruit, Matt Lock, Brecht Vanderbrauke, Judex Franju, Daniel Cantrell, Cazzimir Meulemans, Laura Brothers, Matt Goerzen, Jon Vaughn, Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva, John Van Den Munckhof, George Tourlas, Brandon Blommaert and Kokofreakbean. It was curated by Jon Vaughn of Canada fame! – what ever this means. The layout was done by Kirsten Mayoh.

Realms Volume 1 is an oversize A5 zine with 84 pages, black and white digital printing throughout, saddle stitched.

The publication is included in the collection of the St. Patrick's Zine Library.