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Kuti 1
Autum 2006

Kuti is a free full colour comic newspaper that is published quarterly and distributed in Finland by Kutikuti and friends. The aim is to provide a publication format for new free form graphic literature and art. Kuti is bi-langual, in Finnish with English translation. Along with the comics, sometimes there are articles included about authors, publications and other phenomenons.

The first issue of Kuti was published in autumn 2006.

The publication is open to open-minded distributors and material can be offered. It is done mostly with voluntary work.

Kuti9 was published in autumn 2008 with 28 pages from the Kuti team and 8 extra pages from the Finnish small press distributor Toivo. Featuring art from: Lilli Carré (USA), The Duuzers (FIN), Martin Ernstsen (NOR), Roope Eronen (FIN), Tom Gauld (UK), Matti Hagelberg (FIN), Kaltsu Kallio (FIN), Bendik Kaltenborn (NOR), Kapreles (NED), Tommi Musturi (FIN) (Realms), Sami Myllyniemi (FIN), Jyrki Nissinen (FIN), Jaakko Pallasvuo (FIN), Aapo Rapi (FIN), Anna Sailamaa (FIN), Bart Schoofs (BEL), Olivier Schrauwen (BEL), Jerry Scoundrel (FRA), Walter Schifftate (USA), Petteri Tikkanen (FIN) and Jari Vaara (FIN). The issue includes an article about Yuichi Yokoyama (in Finnish) and about Extrapool (in English).

Kuti #33 was published 2014

Kuti #35 was published spring 2015

Kuti Magazine is included in the collection of the St. Patrick's Zine Library.

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