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*[http://www.grrrlzines.net/interviews/missoblivious.htm Interview with Miss Oblivious]
*[http://www.grrrlzines.net/interviews/missoblivious.htm Interview with Miss Oblivious]
*[http://www.myspace.com/missoblivious Miss oblivious on MySpace]
*[http://www.myspace.com/missoblivious Miss Oblivious on MySpace]

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Miss Oblivious is an artist, writer, photographer, zine editor and mother of two children.

Miss Oblivious is the pen name of Cheyanne Payne. She is the editor of two zines: Cunt Fear, the title derived from a Crass song, and which existed from 1994 till 1998, was a vehicle for the editor to publish her photographs taken at shows; and more recently, Oblivious Nation, begun in 1999, of which twenty-three issues have been released so far and which is still ongoing. Oblivious Nation focuses on art, music and social scenes. Miss Oblivious says she is "... documenting my life, my mishaps and my emotions".

As well, Miss Oblivious writes for Punk Globe and is the successful creator of dolls, which are at once punk, DIY, and her own unique creation.


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