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Miriam Dyches/Carr/Knight/Lloyd<br.>1958

Miriam Dyches/Carr/Knight/Lloyd is a fanzine editor and writer.

Miriam Dyches began publishing fanzines under the title Goojie Publications in the late 1950s. Robert Lichtman, in the pages of el Volume 7, #2, April 2008, relates the story of how Miriam's fanzine came by its name. He tells a story of buying a second hand copy of the book Sirius, which contained a inscription from Forrest J Ackerman: "Miriam: Why not set a goal? - to one day contribute to the world a work as worthwhile as this one?" Lichtman explains, "Miriam was, of course, the first wife of the late Terry Carr. But at the time Forry wrote this inscription, which is dated April 1958, she was still Miriam Dyches, who Forry at the time (and perhaps forevermore) referred to as "the girl with the golden goojies," Miriam ran with this - she began publishing fanzines around that time, each with a unique name but under the imprint of Goojie Publications."

Issue 2 was released November 1958, and was subtitled "Moor Park"; #3 appeared in December 1958, and was subtitled "Uneven"; and #5 was published in July 1962 and subtitled "Q.E.D.".

Miriam then co-published Klein Bottle (as Miriam Carr) with Terry Carr from 1959 till 1960. The first issue came out in May 1959, the second in November 1959, and the rest were published in 1960, with #3 appearing in February, #4 in May, #5 in August, and #6 released in November 1960.

Also at this time, Miriam replaced Ron Ellik as co-editor of Fanac, with Terry Carr, in 1960.

In February 1963, she released A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Poughkeepsie (as Miriam Knight), which was distributed by the Fantasy Amateur Press Association. After the publication of this fanzine Miriam Knight, her husband Jerry Knight completed his training at IBM school and in April 1963 they moved to Berkeley, California.

She then did the fanzine 100% Whole Wheat with Robert Lichtman (later editor of Trap Door) in May 1965. This was the last fanzine she produced.