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Linda Bushyager is a fanzine editor from the U.S.A.

Linda Bushyager's first fanzine was Granfalloon, co-published with Suzanne Tompkins in 1966 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A, with a cover by Adrienne Fein. Suzanne Tompkins was co-editor for the first six issues. Twenty issues of Granfalloon were released, the last one in July 1976.

Karass was the second fanzine by Linda Bushyager, begun while she was still publishing Granfalloon. Published in Prospect Park, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Karass was a "fannish newszine, invaluable for keeping up with the U.S. scene", said Darroll Pardoe, in his review of Karass # 6 in Checkpoint # 53, of September 1974. It ran from January 1974 till October 1978, with 38 issues published.