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Gallimaufry was a science fiction fanzine by Joni Stopa and Dave Locke.

Published in the U.S.A., the first issue appeared in September 1983, and was 32 pages.

According to Dave Locke, writing in File 770 of April 2011, "With GALLIMAUFRY, coedited with Joni Stopa, I lived in Ohio and she lived in Wisconsin. I handled the zine layout and production and she handled getting the material and most of the costs involved."

Issue 2 was released in November 1985 and was 44 pages. In Time and Again #11, from February 2010, Dave Locke writes, " 11/85 in the second issue we published an article by Mary Price called "Memory Flogging" which told the Midwestcon Door story from the standpoint of someone who was actually there. In fact, she was in the room. One of our better items…"

Dave Locke had earlier published the fanzine Phoenix (Locke), as well as Pelf with David Hulan in the 1960s and 70s, Awry in the 1970s, Shambles with Ed Cagle, and DAGLocke with Dean Grennell. His most recent publication was Time and Again.

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