Everything is fine but me

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everything is fine but me

everything is fine but me is a one issue only zine by Ango Visone.

Released in Italy in the 2000's, everything is fine but me is subtitled "one tale and 13 drawings by ango". The zine is in both English and Italian, with a translation by Adriano Di Gaspero. The zine opens with two drawings photocopied from notebooks: the first is entitled "The silent Moon and her meek lovely furry friends", and the second, "Mi piove sangue dalla faccia". The tale that follows is entitled "Alcoholic Psychopathy", and begins with the quote "'there is too much blood in my alcohol...' (English joke)". The drawings accompanying the tale feature the moon, the wise crow, outstretched arms, crosses, scrolls, thunderbolts, animals, and people who are frequently scarred, bleeding, or partly animal.

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