Meek Faces and Meek Dreamscapes from Meek Diaries 1995/2005

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Meek Faces and Meek Dreamscapes from Meek Diaries is a one issue only zine by Ango published in Italy.

This zine is a collection of drawings. The editor writes on the front inside page, "These drawings are taken from my diaries from 1995 to 2005. It's a very intimate work. For this reason part of the writings have been omitted". Despite this, many of the drawings are intertwined with text, both in English and Italian.

There is a great variety of drawings in this collection; some are fantastical, some realistic, some very sexual, some involving a great deal of text, but all are representational. Many of the characters represented are pierced, tattooed, or appear in bondage paraphernalia. There are many symbols employed throughout, including crosses, crowns, the black sun, hammer and sickle, stars, scissors, thunderbolts, and hearts. The zine is held together by a piece of tied twine.

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