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Zines Are Stupid is a zine by Kevin Joy published in Michigan in the 1990's.

In the introduction to the zine, writer and editor Kevin Joy explains the title: "What you're now holding is Zines Are Stupid - the zine flavored object with the title specially formulated for the lazy reviewer who's more concerned about trying to sound witty than actually giving people a good idea just what any given zine is about."

The zine includes the article "I Do The Whole Wacky Letter Writing Guy Thing" in which Kevin sends prank letters to various companies and groups such as Pete's Wicked Ale, The U.S. Treasury, SMART, and Charlton Heston c/o The National Rifle Association, and then prints their replies. He also prints examples of the strange correspondence he has received.

Featured in the zine are short pieces on true life strange encounters in Kevin's life, including "Telemediocrity!", about when Kevin worked as a telemarketer, "How Jodie Got His Groove Back", about occurences working as a taxi driver, the goings-on at a local restaurant, and the top ten things heard on the street. Also included are Kevin's comics, "The Psychedelic Friends Network", "Just Another Day On The Jerry Sphincter Show", and "The Different Kinds Of Gay Vampires". Contributor Tristan Crabill's comics are also featured. The zine is humorous, often revealing, and even at times poignant.

Kevin Joy was also a contributor to Double Bill.