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Issue #1
April 2004

ZineZine is a compzine about zines from Germany. It's compiled by a collective of German zinesters and zine lovers.

Three issues have been released in German language since April 2004.


ZineZine #1 News, zine library in Münster, Riot Grrrl zines, Ladyfests & zines, interviews with Morrigan, Elke Zobl, Kylie Lewis from Personality liberation front, Wall Street Journal (a gazette glued on the walls of Berlin), Chris Luppi (Thailand), Schritte zine and loads of reviews and contacts.

ZineZine #2 Interview with Aaron Cometbus, www.fanzine-index.de, a fanzine café in Bielefeld, tour diary about an fanzine-DIY exhibition-tour, interview with Ed Spudmonkey from www.zinetrade.net and Lucidity, treasures from the Archiv der Jugendkulturen Berlin, an article about zine readings with Mike Taylor and Nate Powell (Walkie Talkie, It Disappears, Tiny Giants) and tons of reviews, news and contacts.

ZineZine #3 Zines are made for shitting, tips on computer layout, why I love zines, fake-suicide and other theme zines, interview with Noya from Patrol zine (Israel), Franz Bielmeier from The Ostrich (first punk zine from Germany) as well a summary of the anti-Americanism discussion on the ZineZine mailing list. Plus thirteen pages sull with zine reviews.