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The XPACE Zine Library is located at XPACE Cultural Centre (http://xpace.info), an artist-run centre in Toronto, Canada, and was started by Alicia Nauta, who also founded the OCAD Zine Library. The zine library is accessible in the main space during regular gallery hours, Tuesday-Saturday, alongside regular art programming. The zine library exists next to two other XPACE library projects: a bi-monthly curated library, which coincides with main exhibits, and the boogie woogie mix tape library, a curated sound project wherein themed mix tapes may be listened to on provided walkmans. The library is always looking for donations. Any sort of zine is welcome, from screenprinted newspaper to hand-bound one-off, fanzines, mini zines, comics zines, art zines, and any other kind of self-published work. Any donations may be sent to or dropped off at this address: XPACE Cultural Centre, 58 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6J 2Y7, Canada.