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The OCAD Zine Library, started by former student and zinester Alicia Nauta, is an ever-growing collection of zines created to inspire, educate and entertain, to encourage collaboration between OCAD University students and to open up the world of zines for readers and creators everywhere! The collection is organized according to the following subjects: Art, Comics, Information/DIY, Music, Poetry, Politics, Queer, and Stories. The collection is currently located in the OCAD University Learning Zone and open to visits from the general public.

The OCAD Zine Library has been built from generous donations from zinesters at OCADU, in Toronto and worldwide. If you would like to share your zines or have a collection of your own to give away, the OCAD Zine Library will happily collect, preserve and share these publications for many years to come.

Please mail donations to: OCAD University Zine Library 100 McCaul Street Toronto, ON M5T 1W1