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Vinnies (March 1999) is a one-off zine detailing prolific Sydney writer and zinester Vanessa Berry's project to visit and document in writing all St. Vincent de Paul Society ('Vinnies') opportunity stores in the Sydney area.

The introduction to 'Vinnies includes the following paragraph explanation of the author's intentions with this project: "I get obsessed by things very passionately, which can be good, can be bad. I have been obsessed with the elusive and chance discoveries of completely perfect items in op shops very strongly for a few years now. Every time I would be in a car or on the train travelling through a new or not often visitetd suburb and I saw Vinnies my heart would leap and I could feel the lure of stuff. Sorting and discovering. I thought I should just settle this amtter once and for all and take it upon myself to visit every single Vinnies I could find in the Sydney area, and do a little diary of what the shops were like, what things I bought, and what I observed in the suburb (as so far as it impacts upon the St Vincent de Paul)."

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