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Valma Brown is a science fiction fanzine editor and publisher.

Her first fanzine was a one shot, a joint effort with John Bangsund, Leigh Edmonds, Eric Lindsay, Ken and Marea Ozanne, and Sally Yeoland. with the name of 21st July 1973 at 46A Wentworth Avenue, Kingston Act 2604, Australia.

Her next fanzine was Giant Wombo with Leigh Edmonds. The first issue came out in February 1979, followed by issue 2 in June 1979, and issue 3 in March 1980.

Valma Brown's next fanzine was Rataplan, which she joined during the run of the publication. Leigh Edmonds had begun Rataplan with Diane Bangsund , but by 1979 for issue 19, his co-editor was Valma Brown. 31 issues were published in total, the last issue released October 1984.

The Notional, published in Canberra, ACT, Australia, by Valma Brown and Leigh Edmonds, ran from April 1985 to September 1988. Issues from No. 16 have the subtitle: 'All you need to know about SF in Australia'.

Fuck The Tories was first released in the 1980s. The editors described themselves as a "Tricontinental Revolutionary Fanzine Commission" (Hanna, for TAFF, 1985), with Valma Brown and Leigh Edmonds representing Australia; Judith Hanna and Joseph Nichols representing the UK, and Terry Hughes, the U.S.A. Later on, Valma Brown, Leigh Edmonds and Terry Hughes left and, by 1990, Dave Langford and Dave Mooring had joined up in their place. Fuck The Tories saw 21 issues released, and was published until 1996.