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Good edits on Lisa Carver. I'm slamming some of this stuff out on the older zinesters and historical stuff with the idea I'll go back and edit it when I have time. Glad someone else stepped into do some of that editing. It's a bit draining reading through old alt.zines posts, old zine reviews, and finding what suprisingly little other info is out there on the web to build a bio from. Seth's book has helped some, as have some old zines. It all helps jog the memmory. It's funny how some of these people seemed so famous in the 1990s zine explosion and yet really didn't seem to leave that much of a mark in the history books. Oh well, I guess that's our part, to attempt to record their contributions to zining.

WHat up!

Hey Emerson.. its bradley, i decided to spend some time on the zinewiki machine. Pretty nifty stuff here. Wikipedia can easily get bogged down about all this 'notability' stuff... so hopefully we'll be able to continue on the less 'notable' zines. Im trying to do another READ zine in march/april at Saint Xavier University. Cool! TTYL, Bradleyadita 14:53, 16 February 2007 (EST)