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Hi Zinewiki Peeps, This is the user profile of Bradley Adita. I am also an active user/editor of wikipedia since Dec. 2004. I look forward to contributing information to the ZineWiki. My area of interest are education and art. I am currently pursuing my certification and graduate degree at Saint Xavier University in Special Education. In addition, I continue to publish my flagship title 'A Day In The Air', now on a monthly basis. I also facilitate the READ zine making party. You can also find me playing music as Fauxhawk and/or juggling cabbage patch dolls and teacups on Lower Wacker Dr. and at Water Tower Place. On occasion, I have art shows at local bars, coffee houses, and galleries. I can also be found snapping photos at the local rock-punk-indie-techno-hip-hop-sock-hop whatever you call it down the street. Finally, I enjoy long walks on the beach as long as we are psychoanalyzing the lyrics to "American Idiot." See you in the pit!! XO; Bradley Adita

(p.s. If you want to leave me a message just click the "discussion" button above. {its next to the one that says "userpage." :D!})