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Twenty-Four Hours #1 (cover art by Brendan Price)

Twenty-Four Hours is a literary zine put out by Josh Medsker starting in 2001. He began the zine in Japan, then moved to Austin, TX., and then New York City.

Twenty-Four Hours has featured work from many Austin-based writers and comics artists including: Tim Doyle (Amazing Adult Fantasy), Ben Snakepit (Snakepit), and Ben Brown (Words Words Words, So New Media, as well as prose-poet Annie LaGanga.

In earlier issues, Twenty-Four Hours also featured fiction and poetry from writers around the country. There have also been interviews with writers such as Neal Pollack and, more recently, Aaron Cometbus.


TFH #1

TFH #2

TFH #3

TFH #4

TFH #5

TFH #6

TFH #7

Twenty-Four Hours #1 (2001): Levi Asher of Interview, Rex of PTBH! Zine Interview, Fiction by Eric Johnston, Mary Lochner, Josh Medsker, Zine Reviews by Josh Medsker. Cover by Brendan Price.

Twenty-Four Hours #2 (2002): B.Bottom Smooth Interview, The Hornacle Interview, Zine Reviews by Josh Medsker

Twenty-Four Hours #3 (2003): Neal Pollack Interview by David Erlewine, Fiction by Jef Burandt and Carla Darocy Hultberg.

Twenty-Four Hours #4 (2004): Fiction and Poetry by: Melissa Checker, Brian Daly, Laura Bini Carter, Kristin Vinck, Jeff Somers, Adam Martin, Joshua Hultberg and Carla Darocy Hultberg.

Twenty-Four Hours #5 (2004): Stephen Duncombe on Zines, Ben Snakepit Interview by Jessica Champion. Cover by Brendan Price.

Twenty-Four Hours #6 (2010): The Hookah Girl/Margo Dabaie Interview.

Twenty-Four Hours #7 (2011): Annie LaGanga Interview, Jonathan Kambouris’s Last Meals Project, Too Much Coffee Man’s Shannon Wheeler, Aaron Cometbus Interview.

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