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Trial was a science fiction fanzine by Dorothy Hartwell.

At least one issue of Trial was published in 1960 in Essex, England, UK.

Artwork was by Dorothy Hartwell. Contributions came from Mike Deckinger, Bruce Kidd, Jim Linwood (Typo), Archie Mercer (Vector), Alan Rispin, and Peter Singleton.

The first issue was greeted with an enthusiastic review by Ron Bennett in Skyrack 22, of August 1960, who wrote, "Also taking us by storm is another newcomer, TRIAL (Dorothy Hartwell, 124 Stanley Road, Hornchurch, Essex), produced by a young lady who has been on the fringes of London fandom for something over a year and who possesses spirit in more ways than one. Not only is this first effort produced on a Gernan spirit duplicator, but Dot has had the courage to do her own artwork. The actual material does not compare with that in FOOP, but is still of an interesting and most certainly an encouragement-worthy level. Contributors are Archie Mercer, Jim Linwood, Mike Deckinger, Peter Singleton, Alan Rispin and Bruce Kidd."

Dorothy Hartwell was one of the attendees of the British Science Fiction Association's 1960 Eastercon.