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Tracey Mitchell is a writer and artist in her spare time and a full time thinker, agitator and educator.

She has published four issues of On Edge, a compilation zine about mental health issues since 2005. She has also published a one-shot zine called Plastics: In Lieu of Cap & Gown about her experience as a university undergrad studying History and Sociology. Recently, Tracey started working on a new zine called Tips and Tales for Pragmatists, made up of episodic stories from her life combined with useful tips. The first issue came out in October, 2007.

Through her job with Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation, Tracey helped organize a zine/comic training program in August 2007 in Saskatchewan, where she lives, called Youth for International Development - Do It Yourself (YID-DIY).

Aside from her zine projects and work, Tracey loves reading (fiction and non), theatre (especially forum theatre), music, & dancing. Tracey has lots of big plans to publish more and contribute to some of her favorite zines in the coming year.