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On Edge is a mental health zine with a political edge published by Tracey Mitchell in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. It's about how we feel as well as about how we deal. This text-heavy, well-written compilation zine offers ideas and experience on how to cope. It allows people to tell their stories in ways that empower readers and writers alike.


Issue #1: The Commodification of Mental Health by Jackie Kennelly, Big Pharma Out of Control? by Tracey Mitchell, Please, Accept These Things by Tad Hargrave

Issue #2: Did Drugs Play a Role? an article by Angela Bischoff on environmental activist Tooker Gomberg's suicide and the influence of SSRI drugs on suicidal ideation and self-harm, The Grass is Staring at Me: The History of LSD Research in Canada by Erika Dyck, articles on parenting with mental illness and dealing with a parent's mental illness, On Psychoanalytic Poetry by Jackie Kennelly

Issue #3: True Powerand various artwork by Raeanne Fortin, Excerpts of Derrick Jensen's Endgame on Post-Traumatic Stress in Western Civilization and Tim Wise's Paleness as Pathology, Beyond the Matrix: Deconstructing the Oppression of Mental Illness by Darien Thira, A tribute to Steve Stapleton, mental health activist and friend, Part I of the History of Sexual Sterilization in Canada, cover art by Denise Fletcher

Issue #4: A feature interview with Kate Bornstein, author of Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and Other Outlaws and My Gender Workbook, Madness by Jamina Lin (of Oh My Stars zine) -Let Them Eat Cake by Maranda Farthing (of Telegram Ma'am zine), Original illustrations by Carrie McNinch -Cover art by RaeAnne Fortin, poetry by Meagan Wohlberg, Denise Fletcher and Rae Ens

Contact Information

Email: ms_t@riseup.net