Tops and Bottoms

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Tops and Bottoms was a zine produced by Joel Gibb and Karen Azoulay in Toronto in the early 2000's.

Tops and Bottoms was a photographic record of dress-up parties hosted by Gibb and Azoulay at which clothing was brought by guests to be exchanged and made into exotic and incredible works of art. The zine is filled with photos of the creations the guests had made.

Issue one was made using both black and white and colour photocopiers. One hundred signed and numbered copies were made of issue one. Participants for that issue included Rayne Baron, Chandra Bulucon, Lorraine Hewitt, Luis Jacob, Alex McClelland, Susan Mckay, Will Munro, Carly Stasko and Daryl Vocat.

Issue two was made using the colour photocopier. One hundred numbered copies were produced. Participants for this issue were Jen Anisef, Rayne Baron, Paul Butler, Chandra Bulucon, Alon Freeman, Robin Fry, Andrew Harwood, Robert Kennedy, Germaine Koh, Luis Jacob, Jeremy Laing, Lola, Alex McClelland, Will Munro, Zezzy Powers and Julie Voyce.

Tops and Bottoms was one of the zines that was included on the Mobilivre-Bookmobile zine and artists' book tour across North America.