The Black Lily

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The Black Lily
Issue 5 Winter 1997
Cover art by Cathy Buburuz

The Black Lily was a literary zine edited by Vincent Kuklewski (d. November 28, 2003) and published by Southern Goblin Productions.

The Black Lily was published in the 1990's in Sarasota, Florida, U.S.A., and later in the 2000s in Hartford, Connecticut. At least 10 issues were released. Issue 10 appeared in Spring, 2002. The focus was on fantasy, historical medieval, gothic/horror, and ghost story themes in fiction and poetry.

Contributors of writing included Nancy Bennett, Mary Choo, Mark Fewell, Lyn C.A. Gardner, Barbara Johnson-Haddad, Penny Lockwood, Ardath Mayhar, Beecher Smith, among others.

Contributions of poetry came from Lyn C.A. Gardner, John Grey, and Scott H. Urban (Frisson), among others.

Contributors of art work included Cathy Buburuz (Champagne Horror).