Tennis and Violins

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Tennis and Violins is a perzine by Kristy Chan of Florida, U.S.A.

Tennis and Violins #1 features journal entries, some opinions and stories about racism, classism, being queer, also interviews with Ceci Moss, editor of Suburbia and Matt Wobensmith, editor of Outpunk.

Tennis and Violins #2 is a split zine with Suburbia zine by Ceci. It's 100 pages. The Tennis and Violins half has travel stories, art/photos, Barbie stories, an interview with Rachel Carns (the Need, Kicking Giant), and lots of other stuff.

Kristy Chan published the well-known Riot Grrrl piece "Girl Love Is..." in Tennis and Violins which was later reprinted in a number of other zines and, more recently, websites.

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