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Supertrooper is a zine series edited by Angela Roberts, published out of Seoul, Korea, and Oakland, California, U.S.A. The first issue was released 2007. It is currently still in series.

Supertrooper is named after a karaoke machine typo-titling of ABBA's "Super Trouper".

Topically, the zine explores human sexuality, ecology, urbanism, and horror.

“A thermal stocking tale of a Bertold, Chas and (I) in a psycho-sexual Seoul. Through creeping Doc Marten clad fish flesh, Wagner and Bowie are never far (… [Supertrooper 3]contains several descriptive passages with explicit sexual content, \ the faint hearted steer clear).” – Kosten Koper, L’Etranger.

“In issue four which is set in Korea, gentrification threatens displacement of poor people as a decrepit house absorbs the interest of the author. Anarchists, artists and activists are in the background of the story, but what seems central is a sense of establishing intimacy with the people around the author. Issue #5 is more focused on character sketches, evidently of people in Oakland CA.” – Robert Eggplant, Slingshot


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