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Slingshot is a publication that originates from Berkeley, California, U.S.A..

The early issues first appeared in 1988, and were weekly photocopied accounts of protests in and around the campus of the University of California Berkeley. By the early 1990's Slingshot moved off campus into the Long Haul Infoshop and eventually increased its print size into newsprint. To help aquire funds to pay for the Slingshot and help pay rent for the Long Haul, members of the paper's collective created the Slingshot Organizer. The Organizer takes some influence from similar radical German calenders made to support the infoshop scene and anarchist activities. The Slingshot Organizer has a DIY look and feel that accompanies the radical politics. It is most known for maintaing a list of Infoshops and radical spaces globally. The present day Slingshot newspaper prints about 19,000 papers four times a year, and about 23,000 organizers every year.


Mailing Address: 3124 Shattuck Ave.Berkeley, CA 94705 Email:

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