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Stratu is a comics zine publisher from Sydney, Australia.

His first publication was Sick Puppy Comix, first released in 1996. Thirteen issues of this zine was released before the editor ceased publishing in 2002. After this publication ended, he began work on an anthology series he titled Atomiser. It was intended to be a series of themed issues, the first being 'Ancient', released in April 2003. The theme of the second issue was intended to be 'Father', but this issue did not appear.

After a six-year hiatus Stratu began publishing again - the themed comix zine anthology, Blackguard

Blackguard #1 : Religious Crazies [October 2008] Blackguard #2 : Father [October 2009] Blackguard #3 : Crime [September 2010] Blackguard #4 : Fear [May 2012]



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