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Girl mountain #1

Girl mountain (October 2006-) is a comic zine published by Hobart-based comic artist and zinester Simon James. Girl mountain follows the angst-ridden life of Micah Maolomuire.

Contributors to the two issues include Michael Hawkins, Phil Elverum, Al Machine, Dan Cross, Stratu, Kyle Field, Donna Green, Kellie Sutherland and Andrew Harper.


  • Girl mountain Pt. 1: Friday after school (exercise book) (October 2006) – features "Fucked-up party with cool dudes - action playset", a number of small coloured photocopied, cut-out characters from Girl Mountain, household objests etc., in a small plastic snap-lock bag, sticky taped to the cover. Inside cover: "2nd print (as exercise book) October 2006. "Paperfoldy" edition is forever sold out."
  • Girl mountain Pt. 2: hit with the claw (2007) – written and paced Summer 05/06, drawn Summer 06/07 in “the lounge room” and “in bed”, Sandy Bay, Hobart.
Girl mountain #2

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