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Shebobbin' (2000?-2001?) was an A5, black and white photocopied zine edited by Tim H.


  • No. 3 (Winter 2001): contains an editorial by Tim H., 'Real-life shite' on the Big brother reality TV series by Tim H. and Jon Buckingham, 'Lil Johnny vs. Big Kim' (i.e. John Howard vs Kim Beazley) by Tim H., 'The best article about bonking songs ever!' by Tim H., 'And fuck you too...' letters page, 'Selling your pound of flesh: organ trading for fun and profit' by Andrew Stent, 'Culture clash in the ladies' by Lyndal Robert, 'Vive la revolution! or something...' by Andrew Stent, 'Corolla'n out the door!' by Tim H.; reviews of books, music and zines (including: Nice #3, So bad its good #3, Me and Mr. T, Pee #18, and Betty paginated #23).


P.O. Box 1337, Box Hill, Victoria 3128 Australia

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