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Schlepp Fanzine is a zine by Brontez.

The first issue of Schlepp Fanzine was published in Huntsville, Alabama, but by the second issue editor Brontez had moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Schlepp Fanzine is a queer punk zine, released in the 2000's. Interviews with bands such as The Gossip, Operation Makeout, Stella Marie, Los Rabbi's, and Suckerpunch are featured. Also included is an interview with LadyKilla, the editor of Crackwhore zine, and an article on the DIY tape label Stop & Rewind.

Brontez also writes about what it's like to grow up queer and black in a "hardcore Christian" environment. In articles such as "My Totally Fag-A-Licious Bedroom Dance Party Mixtape" he writes, "All during highschool while all my friends were getting high and pregnant I was in my room dancing to records (LOOOOOOSER!!!)" and, listing his favorite mixtape songs, he says Mixtapes are "a blessing, a curse". He also writes about sharing rides with his "sleazy spoiled brat cousin" and relates how "It is super scary to watch a "certified down N***A speed down the highway while BLASTING country music (like he's ACTUALLY into country music - CREEPY)". The zine winds up with the "Top Ten Makeout Lists" of members of the groups Operation Makeout, Stella Marie, Queerwolf, Manhandlers, and many others.

Brontez also produced the zine Fag School. He now performs in the band Gravy Train!!!!