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Fag School was a zine by Brontez released in the 2000's in Oakland, California, U.S.A.

Three issues of this zine have been published to date.

Issue One featured interviews with Alvin Orloff, the author of Gutter Boys; the bands Scream Club, and The Husbands; a photo essay of Brontez's band Young 'n' Hung; features such as the Fag School Coloring contest; a photo essay entitled "The Life of a Totally Fab Go-Go Boy!...can be yours!"; an article on the film Arcade Trade by Samara Halperin, starring Ari Fay-Long and Brontez; and an advice column called "Ask Allison" by Allison Wolfe.

Issue Two featured interviews with Larry Livermore, the band Coolies, and an ex-boyfriend's dick; pin-up photos of Mathew Cote and Manny; DJ Bus Station John; excerpts from the diary of a Detroit fag; and "Ask Allison" by Allison Wolfe.

Issue Three included a DVD from LoveWarz, a San Francisco queer happening that includes cultural activism, performances, art and films, and includes a music video from Brontez's band Younger Lovers. There are also reviews of nightmare parties, cruising, and blackouts; definition of a rollerblader; undie challenge; and romantic follies.

Prior to Fag School, Brontez published Schlepp Fanzine.

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